Review: Do Me A Favor by Christina Hovland

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About the Book:

Some days things just click. Today is not that day.

Love is a battlefield, and divorce attorney Sadie Howard is entrenched on the frontlines. She thought she might have met the right man once, but he was a career military guy who got shipped overseas and left her heart on the tarmac. These days, the only commitment Sadie wants is the one she’s made to her Denver law practice.

Combat photographer Roman Dvornakov is back. Fresh out of the U.S. Army, he’s using family connections to snap photos at a few weddings while he builds his civilian photography practice. After all he’s captured on film, a few posed wedding shots should be a cakewalk. Seeing so much death through the camera lens, he’s now ready to build something worth living for. A thriving photography business, definitely. But he’s certain his new mission also includes Sadie, the girl who slipped away.

Sadie isn’t convinced, and she’s not willing to open her heart anytime soon. Besides, she’s got a high-profile divorce case taking up all her attention. Winning the case for her client will make or break her practice.  So what if it’s a custody dispute over a ridiculously expensive fish tank? When Roman discovers the soon-to-be divorced couple are still in love, he and his slightly-nutty grandmother, Babushka, are determined to convince them to cancel the proceedings. He’s not camera shy when it comes to matters of the heart, but interfering with Sadie’s clients could wreck her career and any chance they’ll ever have together..

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My Thoughts:


I’ve been enjoying Christina Hovland’s Mile High Matched series from the start, and I have to say Do Me A Favor is one of my favorites.  In this adorable second-chance romance, Roman Dvornakov is so ready to start up where he left off with Sadie Howard that he looks to his crazy Babushka for help!

If you haven’t read the prior books, don’t worry.  You’ll fall for Babushka and the rest of the Dvornakov family immediately because author Christina Hovland gives you enough back story that you’ll feel like you know her characters personally.  Babushka is a riot!  That sly fox will resort to just about anything to ensure her grandchildren’s happiness (and her shot at great-grandchildren).  Her antics had me not only laughing out loud, but I actually snort-laughed once. (shh, don’t tell anyone!).  Naturally, Roman is a hero you can’t help but fall for.  Not only is he is tall, dark and handsome (with muscles!), and he is caring and romantic as well.

After their first trist, Sadie Howard got over Roman, went on to college and law school, and then had her heart ripped out of her through the stab wound in her back.  She’s smart and hard-working, and desperate to crack the glass ceiling.  She talks herself into believing that she doesn’t have time for and no longer believes in true, lasting love.  Is it her career as a divorce lawyer or her previous lack of success in the love department that has entombed her heart in a cement box?

When Sadie and Roman move back to their home town, their inevitable run ins leave one fighting off attraction and one more committed to that attraction.  Once Babushka is involved, the laughs begin.  Ms. Hovland’s latest standalone romantic comedy about the Dvornakov family and friends is absolutely riotous!  I enjoyed the chemistry between Roman and Sadie.  I wouldn’t say it was combustible, but it was easy and authentic.  The journey to the HEA is fun, and a great escape.


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