Review: Winter Road by Kristina Rienzi

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☆☆➹⁀☆ 3 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆

About the Book:

On the heels of a bad breakup, Amelia Montgomery heads home for the holidays. Her hometown is a far cry from the metropolis where she lives now, but not nearly far enough away from Jake Grayson.

Amelia’s family festivities turn terrifying when a distraught Jake shows up uninvited on the Montgomery’s doorstep. Jake will not stop until he possesses Amelia; one way or another, she will be his.

In a chilling nightmare, one man’s obsession is so evil, it’s deadly. Amelia must fight for her life, and the lives of those she loves most, in the only place she’s ever called home…WINTER ROAD.

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My Thoughts:

The idea of heading home for the holidays can bring stress (and a cocktail or two), and Kristina Rienzi takes that to the max in her thriller, Winter Road.

Amelia Montgomery left the quiet of Shady Knolls, New Jersey for the bright lights and career opportunities of the big city. Along the way, she landed one of the most desirable bachelors in town. Too bad he has a dark side.

Amelia’s loving family faces a nightmarish holiday when her fiancé, Jake, shows up uninvited. The character development is good given this is a short novella. The story premise is good, and the plot pace is great. The one downfall is the stiff dialogue.

This dark thriller had my heart racing and my nails worried to the quick.


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