Review: Ghost of a Gamble by J.E. McDonald

☆☆➹⁀☆ 3.75 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆

About the Book:

There’s something extraordinary hidden beneath Wickwood’s picturesque façade.

Bree Tisdale is a jack-of-all trades blogger whose work history is nothing but tragic. When she lands a job with a supposed ghost hunter—the mysterious Zack Liller—he threatens to upend her world.

With an eviction notice in her back pocket, she doesn’t have much of a choice. Yet, as the mysteries pile up, the impossible suddenly starts to seem possible…

…Even trusting in Zack and the fire he lights inside her.

Zack Liller grew up with ghosts and has little time for fun and games. Reservations that Bree will be a good fit for his sister’s company plague him, but one day spent with the vivacious woman ends up convincing him Liller Investigations can’t do without her.

Or at least, that he can’t.

But, as things heat up between them, he is forced to wonder if he can trust Bree enough to be honest about his abilities.

When the house they’re investigating turns out to be one of the most active he has ever experienced—and the most dangerous—he realizes he may not have a choice. 

Guest Reviewer Frannie’s Thoughts:

Ghost of a Gamble by J.E. McDonald is about Bree Tisdale, a young woman who is struggling with family relationships, believing in people and their honesty, and her inability to keep a job.  Her twin sister is just the opposite, a super star. Bree is well liked but perpetually late for work. Naturally, this leads to her being dismissed from Theodore’s Bakery.  Her tardiness is also an issue with her rent checks. Bree’s desperation leads to a job with Zach Liller’s ghost detective agency. Their banter is fun and explicit.  The author’s descriptions of the two lovers’ encounters is tantalizing.  

Author J.E. McDonald has a knack for descriptive scene setting as well as writing believable romantic relationships. Many of the scenes describing the landscape of the town of Wickwood and Zach’s farm are rich in detail, color and ambiance.    However, many of the transitions feel inorganic or unrealilstic.  One example is when Zach asks Bree to come to the farm to meet his mother after only knowing her for a couple of days.  

The author does a great job describing Bree, her personality, and her state-of-mind.  Bree is fun, playful, and charming.  I empathized with her and her idiosyncrasies. The other characters, including Zach are not as well developed.  I was left hanging in reference to the “gifts” that the others have including Zach’s mother and father.  I would have liked some background on Zach’s sister, Grace, and her husband, Sam—what are their “gifts” and why did they start the paranormal investigation company?  Grace’s personality changes and mood swings made it hard for me to find the character empathetic.

  More history of the family and prior ghost hunts would have been welcome and would have made things more believable.  How did they get their powers and what brought them together?  More details on what happens to ghosts would be beneficial too and provide us with a grounding to persuade us into becoming believers of the paranormal.      

In conclusion, I enjoyed the excellent the romance storyline and the descriptions of the landscapes. However, to make this a five-star read for me, it needs more backstory on the ghosts to give plausibility to their actions.

Find the Book:

About the Author: J.E. McDonald is an author of paranormal romance, romantic suspense, sci-fi romance and contemporary romance.  She is an avid reader and Minecraft fan.  J.E. was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada.  She lives with her husband and three daughters.  For more information on J.E. McDonald go to

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