Review: Crowne Rules by C.D. Reiss

☆☆➹⁀☆ 4 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆

About the Book:

There’s a house in Cambria with no phone, no internet, no connection to the outside world. 
Dante and Mandy are stuck there together. 
He needs a live-in assistant. 
She needs a place to hide. 

If she gives him total obedience, he’ll do everything in his power to clean up the mess she made back home. Anything less than unquestioning compliance, and she goes back to LA humiliated. 
Those are the rules. 
Take them or leave them. 
Mandy figures she can do Dante’s menial tasks for awhile. Do what he says until the heat dies down. 
She has no idea how hot it’s going to get until he tells her she has to do them on her knees. 



My Thoughts:

Crowne Rules is C.D. Reiss’ third novel in her series of standalone novels about the Crowne brothers. This installment features Dante, the seeming black sheep of the family.

Dante as a strong and domineering womanizer and Amanda as a vapid socialite is a bit of a cliché, but the characters grew on me. Dante’s restraint shows his shattered heart from the start. Amanda’s broken heart is more about her public embarrassment over her bad choices in men. I loved the Cambria house as a metaphor of Amanda and Dante. They’ve got good bones, but they’re a bit of a mess and in need of some TLC and renovation.

There were a few phrases and actions that didn’t feel organic to me (e.g., sewing/fashion analogy attributed to Dante). The story line was heavy on the white-hot, sizzling sex and the plot focused primarily on the developing relationship between the main characters. I would have liked the Colton-Dante conflict to be beefed up with more of the backstory on their conflict. Revealing both Colton and Veronica’s plans to the reader would have added great tension to the story.

I really enjoyed seeing Amanda bloom from a silly victim to a woman who learns from her mistakes and owns her behavior. Overall, Dante and Amanda’s growth as individuals and as a couple is beautiful, and that made the story for me.

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