Review: The Redemption of Memphis Drake by Shay Stone

☆☆➹⁀☆ 4.5 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆

About the Book:

She thought I was handing her my heart. What I really gave her was a hand grenade set to blow her world apart.

Ours wasn’t your typical love story. Ours involved lies. A lot of lies. So many that at some point, I lost track of which ones were mine and which were hers.

Falling in love with her was never part of the plan, not that I had a choice in the matter. From the moment we met, she captivated me, making me forget who I was and why I was pulling this job in the first place. I would have cut out my heart and begged her to take it if she hadn’t already stolen it, claiming it for her own. It no longer mattered who was conning whom. She made me believe the impossible—that we could be happy together.

I should have known better. Con men don’t get happy endings.

It was always going to end this way. I was going to break her heart in the cruelest way possible, leaving her no choice but to hate me. And that’s what I did, shattering my own in the process. I stayed away as long as I could, but a man can only live without his heart for so long. Now I’m determined to get her back and convince her the love we shared was real. But could she ever love a professional liar? 



My Thoughts:

The Redemption of Memphis Drake hooked me from the first page.  Memphis is one of those bad guys with a heart of gold.  No matter what he’s done, I couldn’t help but root for him.

Memphis’ stepmother got him and his step brother, Mike, started on a life of crime as kids.  The cons grew more complex, and Memphis eventually grew tired of his lonely life.  He longs for love and a family.  When Memphis meets Mike’s latest target, it’s game changer.  Nyla is just the woman to inspire Memphis to live life on the straight and narrow, but it will be a long, bumpy road to redemption.  Ms. Shay uses flash backs to tell Memphis’ history.  Since Memphis is the narrator, the readers are just as surprised as he is by the various forces working against him.

A life built of lies is like a house of cards; it will grow to a point, but it eventually crumbles.  However, Memphis is determined to be a phoenix that rises from the ashes of his live.  He can only hope that Nyla will join him upon his ascent.  The Redemption of Memphis Drake is a romance between a good woman and a man with a good heart.  Their journey to a happily-ever-after is dramatic and gripping.


About the Author: Shay Stone started her writing career after a car accident left her unable to read or look at a computer. Ironic, right? Many years, and hours of vision therapy later, and voila! she wrote her first book. She lives in Georgia with her three dogs and one cat that thinks he is a dog.

If you happen to be driving around Atlanta, there is a good chance you will see her dancing in her car and singing (poorly) to some ‘80s tune. She has no shame. Her passions include writing and traveling.

She writes strong women with a bit of attitude, and flawed men that you can’t help but fall in love with to create that once in a lifetime love one page at a time. She has two published self-help books. The Rise to Fame is her first contemporary romance.

Shay’s hilarious self-help book, “Why Am I Still Single? A Tough Love Guide for Single Women” is a departure from her gentle treatment in “Pain Pain Go Away.” “Why Am I Still Single?” comes from the same place – a desire to share her own experiences through humor with others to help shed light on their own circumstances. Unfortunately, these books are currently out of print, but they may be released again in the future.

Her contemporary romances are sexy, steamy, and filled with drama. Her ultimate goal is to make you sleep deprived by writing books you can’t put down.

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