Review: Cobble Hill by Cecily von Ziegesar

☆☆➹⁀☆ 4 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆

About the Book:

Welcome to Cobble Hill. 

In this eclectic Brooklyn neighborhood, private storms brew amongst four married couples and their children. There’s ex-groupie Mandy, so underwhelmed by motherhood and her current physical state that she fakes a debilitating disease to get the attention of her skateboarding, ex-boyband member husband Stuart. There’s the unconventional new school nurse, Peaches, on whom Stuart has an unrequited crush, and her disappointing husband Greg, who wears noise-cancelling headphones—everywhere. 

A few blocks away, Roy, a well-known, newly transplanted British novelist, has lost the thread of his next novel and his marriage to capable, indefatigable Wendy. Around the corner, Tupper, the nervous, introverted industrial designer with a warehouse full of prosthetic limbs struggles to pin down his elusive artist wife Elizabeth. She remains…elusive. Throw in two hormonal teenagers, a 10-year-old pyromaniac, a drug dealer pretending to be a doctor, and a lot of hidden cameras, and you’ve got a combustible mix of egos, desires, and secrets bubbling in brownstone Brooklyn. 

Smart, sophisticated, yet surprisingly tender, Cobble Hill is highly entertaining portrait of contemporary family life and the colorful characters who call Brooklyn home.



My Thoughts:

Cecily von Ziegesar’s latest novel is set in a Brooklyn, NY in a neighborhood known as Cobble Hill. It sounds like an artsy neighborhood, and many of the characters are artists of one sort or another—authors, musicians, avant-garde artists. Cobble Hill is more a character study than plot-driven tale. The story line is interesting and leisurely paced.

There is a wide cast of odd characters that I found confusing at first, but within a few chapters the family groupings come together. Each family’s story ranges from quirky to bizarre. Most of the marriages seem dysfunctional with all their secrets and lies, and the kids are notalright!
The individual storylines eventually get woven together as more and more of the characters meet and interact. As they do, the story becomes more intriguing.

I can’t say that I was fond of any of the characters, but I was invested in finding out how this quirky story eventually came together. I can’t explain it, but my favorite part was the illness-faking wife who starts stealing her neighbors’ food-prep, home delivery boxes. Cobble Hill is a weirdly, wonderful story.

About the Author: Cecily von Ziegesar is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Gossip Girl novels, upon which the hit television show is based. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her family.

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