Excerpt: When Rivers Rise by Joey Jones

About the Book:

High school sweethearts, Niles and Eden shared a once-in-a-lifetime kind of love until an accident—and Eden’s subsequent addiction to pain medication—tore them apart. Now divorced, their son Riley is Niles’s whole world, and he’ll do anything to keep him safe.

In constant pain, chronically tired, and resentful of Riley’s relationship with his dad, Eden is a shadow of the woman she once was. When she meets Kirk, a charismatic drummer who makes her feel alive again, she’s torn between evacuating with Riley before a hurricane hits and the exciting new life that beckons.

Reese has never quite gotten over the death of her father, a cop who was shot in the line of duty. Now a detective herself, and the only special operations officer on the East Ridge, Tennessee, police force without children, she volunteers for an assignment in Eastern North Carolina to help as Hurricane Florence closes in on the area.

As a potential category five hurricane spins straight toward the North Carolina coast, their lives begin to intersect in ways they never imagined as each is forced to confront issues from the past that will decide the future…their own, each other’s, and Riley’s.

Emotions swell like the rivers in the approaching storm in this poignant story of guilt, second chances, and the lengths we’ll go to protect the ones we love.



“Mommy needs to go to the grocery store sometime today to stock up on some items in case the storm comes this way.”

     If the hurricane ended up being a category one or dropped to tropical storm status, she wasn’t going to leave town. If it was a two, she might leave. Anything higher, she was pretty sure they would skedaddle with her parents.

     “Like chocolate milk?” Riley asked, his focus still on rolling the vehicles.

     “Sure, we can get some chocolate milk, but we also need batteries for the flashlights, bottles of water, bread, canned goods, and other necessities like that.”

     Anytime a hurricane threatened the area, the first shelves to become empty at the local grocery stores were the ones that held the bread and the water. Soon, there would also be lines of vehicles backed up at the gas station pumps if there weren’t already. If she waited too long, there might even end up being a fuel shortage. People around here panicked when it came to hurricanes, and that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. The rule of thumb was to have one gallon of water per person per day for at least a few days, but over the years, she’d witnessed many people walking out of the market with a whole cart full. The hoarders were the ones who made it difficult for everyone to have what they needed.

     “Mom, we probably need more cereal, too,” Riley added, sounding all adultlike.

     “The way you eat cereal, we might need to fill our cart full of it,” she laughed, again thinking about those crazies who assumed they were the only ones who needed supplies.

     His eyes lit up like the lights on the police car he was now using to chase the bad guys. “Are you serious?” he asked.

     “I’m just being silly, son, but we’ll make sure to get a couple of boxes.”

     Even if the power went out and the milk spoiled, she knew Riley would eat dry cereal. As she stood over him, gazing at her child as mothers often do, wondering where the time had gone and why he couldn’t be a baby again, she could see Niles. She used to love how her little boy reminded her of his daddy—his expressions, his eyes, most of the features on his face.

Purchase:Amazon: https://amzn.to/3662YewB&N: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/when-the-rivers-rise-joey-jones/1137961742?ean=2940164289379iBooks: https://books.apple.com/us/book/when-the-rivers-rise/id1536840828Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/ebook/when-the-rivers-rise

About the Author: The writing style of Joey Jones has been described as a mixture of Nicholas Sparks, Richard Paul Evans, and James Patterson. USA Today Bestselling Author Jeff Gunhus compared Jones’ work to Debbie Macomber, Nicholas Evans, and Sparks.

Joey Jones fell in love with creative writing at a young age and decided in his early twenties that he wanted to write a book. His debut novel A BRIDGE APART is a suspenseful love story that was years in the making as he tinkered with the story off and on while working full-time in the marketing field. In February 2016, Jones became a full-time novelist and published his second novel LOSING LONDON later that year. Three of Jones’ novels have earned 4.8 out of 5.0 Amazon stars.

In his spare time, Joey enjoys spending time with his family, playing sports, working out, reading, and writing inspirational quotes. His favorite meal is a New York Style Pizza with sweet tea. He won the 8th-grade spelling bee at his school, but if you ask him how many students participated, he might say, “Such minor details are not important!” He currently lives in North Carolina with his family.

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