Review: Christmas Chances by Hope Malory

☆☆➹⁀☆ 4.5 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆

About the Book:

Christmas is in the air at Mia Loughry’s Yellow Butterfly Café, the heartbeat of Azalea Valley serving up Mia’s legendary matchmaking and renowned home-cooking. For years, local track coach Buck Chance has flirted but failed to leave the starting gate in pursuit of Mia. Could love have passed her by?

Temperatures rise when a mouth-watering stranger, Chance Stengle, enters the café and steals her attention from Buck. A singer/songwriter and owner of a construction company, Chance believes Mia is exactly what he’s been looking for. Faced with fresh competition, Buck is not ready to yield the field to the new guy and lose Mia for good. 

With two handsome men vying for her attention, Mia is determined to give each a chance to win her heart for life. Her destiny becomes uncertain when a confrontation reaches a boiling point after a fateful trip. Will Buck make it to the finish line or will Chance reconstruct her future?

Torn between two loves, indecision could cost her both Christmas Chances.



My Thoughts:

Christmas Chances is a lovely holiday romance from Hope Malory. I love the title’s play on words, and I loved Mia getting her HEA. Although Mia is not part of the McLemore clan, she has had key roles in the prior Azalea Falls books.

The town is up in arms that a large building on the main street of Azalea Falls is to be sold to a hotel developer. This additional drama adds a lot of depth to the story. It’s heartwarming to see the townsfolks come together to try to save the small-town charm of their hometown. While embroiled in that stressful situation, Mia gets not one but two “Chances” at love. I loved the fun banter and history between Buck Chance and Mia. I didn’t find Mia’s instant attraction to Chance Stengle as appealing, but it was fun to watch Mia squirm through dating two guys at the same time in a small town.

Author Hope Malory thoroughly developed all her characters, and the realistic backstory of each character makes them interesting and layered. Their relationship role models have left them jaded. I liked Mia; she is a strong, self-reliant person. Her commitment to friends and her community is commendable. I liked Buck’s steadfastness, and I found his reluctance to act on his attraction to Mia frustrating. Chance comes to town for a project, and sweeps Mia off her feet. I was sweating bullets waiting for Mia to have her heart broken by Chance. 

At the story’s zenith, Mia stands up for herself. She calls out both men even though she might lose both. Through a few dramatic twists, both the town’s crisis and Mia’s love life are happily resolved. I won’t say more because I don’t want to spoil your “chance” of experiencing Buck, Chance and Mia’s heartwarming holiday journey.

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