Review: Germania by Harald Gilbers

☆☆➹⁀☆ 4 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆

About the Book:

Berlin 1944: a serial killer stalks the bombed-out capital of the Reich, preying on women and laying their mutilated bodies in front of war memorials. All of the victims are linked to the Nazi party. But according to one eyewitness account, the perpetrator is not an opponent of Hitler’s regime, but rather a loyal Nazi.

Jewish detective Richard Oppenheimer, once a successful investigator for the Berlin police, is reactivated by the Gestapo and forced onto the case. Oppenheimer is not just concerned with catching the killer and helping others survive, but also his own survival. Worst of all, solving this case is what will certainly put him in the most jeopardy. With no other choice but to futher his investigation, he feverishly searches for answers, and a way out of this dangerous game.



My Thoughts:

Germania is an intense murder mystery set in WWII Berlin. The dual storylines of the ravishes of war and locating the perpetrator of a gruesome murder means there is a lot going on in this book. The story was originally written in German, and the translation is flawless. The author’s research shines in the details throughout the story.

A serial killer targeting women who appear to have had relations with the Nazi SS is making the party nervous, so former detective and Jew, Richard Oppenheimer is brought in to help find the killer. The author’s portrayal of Oppenheimer’s life as a Jew in Nazi Germany and his conflicting feelings about helping with the investigation add greatly to the depth of the story. The plot twists and red herrings make for a gripping read. The plot tension and pace are perfect. Oppenheimer desperately investigates the murders not only to find the killer, but hopefully, to keep he and his wife alive.

Author Gilbers vivdly develops each character and gruesomely describes each murder victim. It was very easy to visualize the characters and scenes while reading. Fans historic fiction or murder mysteries will love Germania.

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