Review: Blind Turn by Cara Sue Achterberg

☆☆➹⁀☆ 5 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆

About the Book:

In the aftermath of a fatal texting and driving accident, a mother and daughter must come to terms with the real meaning of forgiveness.

Liz Johnson single-handedly raised an exemplary daughter. Jessica is an honor-student, track star, and all-around good kid. So how could that same teenager be responsible for the death of the high school’s beloved football coach? This is Texas, where high school football ranks right up there with God, so while the legal battle wages, the public deals its own verdict.

Desperate for help, Liz turns to a lawyer whose affection she once rejected and attempts to play nice with her ex-husband. Jessica faces her angry peers and her own demons as she awaits a possible prison sentence for an accident she doesn’t remember. 



Guest Reviewer Frannie’s Thoughts:

Blind Turn is more than a coming-of-age story, it is a story for all of us because it could happen to any of us, regardless of age, sex, or ethnicity.  It is the story of how one innocent mistake can change your life and those around you forever.      

It is an emotional story of Jessica “Jess” Johnson, a 16-year-old girl who gets into a tragic accident while allegedly texting and driving.  She hits and kills a pedestrian and ends up in the hospital with a major concussion.  When she awakes, she cannot remember anything about the accident.  Then she is charged with the homicide of Robert Mitchell the beloved high-school football coach of Jefferson, Texas.  Football is important to this small town and Mitchell is a legend.  There is no easy way out. 

“Your life can change in just a blink of an eye.”

Pregnant and married too young, Liz was determined that her daughter, Jess would have a different life. Liz and her high school boyfriend, Jake, had plans and aspirations that died when Liz got pregnant and they were both stuck in their small hometown in Texas without much of a future. Liz inspired Jess to work hard; her escape was her outstanding record as a student and an athlete. A college scholarship was supposed to be her ticket out. However, Jessica’s life changed in an instant.  Now she is the center of the town’s scandal.  Her future vanished in a split-second.  

How does the community handle the accident, the trial, and the verdict?    

There are so many lessons to be learned and themes that the book touches on:  loss, grief, guilt, hopelessness, bullying, depression, self-hatred, and suicidal thoughts.  The emotional roller coaster of a mother and daughter relationship, unplanned parenthood, disappointments, expectations, hope, fear, and love.  

Thought provoking for all ages.  It is important to remember that all actions have consequences, but even in the darkest hours, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Kindness, guidance, and support may come from people whom you least expect.  For example, at one of Jessica’s lowest points, Mrs. Mitchell told Jess, “To make mistakes is human.”   The moral of the book is forgiveness not only for others, but for yourself.       

I highly recommend Blind Turn to anyone, especially for mothers and daughters to read together.   It is a first-person narration by the mother and daughter, offering the perspective of both sides of the story.  It is easy to read, engrossing; a true page turner.     

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About the Author: Cara Sue Achterberg is a blogger, novelist, and rescue dog advocate who lives on a hillside farm in York County, Pennsylvania but longs for the mountains of Virginia. She is the co-founder of Who Will Let the Dogs Out, an intiative of Operation Paws for Homes. It’s mission is to raise awareness and resources for southern shelters and rescues. Find more information at

Information on all her books, blogs, and upcoming appearances can be found at

When not writing or weeding (which can sometimes be one and the same), Cara enjoys hiking, reading, visiting Virginia wineries, and trying not to fall off her favorite horse, True. 

Social Media links: Facebook (Cara Sue Achterberg, writer), Twitter (@CaraAchterberg), or Instagram (carasueachterberg) 

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