Excerpt: Eat Your Words by Isabel Chiara

About the Book:

A mostly-fictional story follows the history of Giana Giovanni, a first-generation American Italian girl whose early curvaceous entry into womanhood and hearty Italian appetite make for a complex-carb tale about the depth of our relationship with self-nourishment. Often self-derogatory, and certainly comedic, readers can fall in love with Giana as they relate to her often awkward and outlandish process, simply trying to find herself in the land of milk and honey. Nearing her 6th decade, join Giana as she realizes it is never too late to gain a sense of self-compassion and confront issues of body-image, or attempt to modify outworn behaviors. 

Giana Giovanni wants you to know you’re not alone. If you’ve ever found your heart racing, fingers fumbling to rip open a bag of something crispy, salty, sticky or sweet; if you’ve ended one reckless night swearing off a corner store the way some women attempt to swear off a bad romance, Giana wants you to know, she’s been there, too. 


“Over the years, I’ve found it better to keep my dietary tendencies to myself  rather than get a sore neck from nodding absently in response to others’ clichéd  insights, suggestions bulleted into easy adages. It’s simple, professed books,  diet gurus, workshop giants, my sister, my mom, and even an occasional  girlfriend I’d confided in. Just eat in moderation. Chew. Just abstain from  eating at night. Always stop when you’re full. Pause between bites. Put your  fork down. (People, what fork?)  

I have a whole programming language of eating vernacular. My Eating Words  are anything but easeful—and definitely not enviable. They arrive curtly,  bluntly, front and center. Without question, they are the star of the show, but  they are more than just the star. My Eating Words infect the stage, stain the  curtain, consume the cast, shred the playbill, and undermine the script.  

Bitch, you’re going to eat the whole thing anyway, so just eat it. Eat it all fast.  You can’t stop. You can’t put it down. You have to buy it all. I want it all, as  much as I can have. I can’t do anything else until I get it. And get both kinds  because who are you to choose? You don’t choose. I don’t care. You don’t  care. There’s nothing else. Go to the store, then go home catatonically, watch  a Hallmark movie, and pass out. That’s what I want to do. 

For two-thirds of my life, I’ve returned to this ceremony, living out the yin and  yang of being cognizant, ambitious, committed to the exercise plan, the  workshop, the healing path, the therapist certification and then camouflaging in  cookies, checking out in chocolate, turning off with tuna. I know I pushed it to  the limit; I learned in the last years of that existence that the time had come. I  took it to the very end, like a drag race, right to the edge of the cliff. I’d lived  out this body response too long. I had no choice but to attempt to gain real  insight, to make actual change.” 

(Excerpt from Isabel Chiara’s new memoir-meets-novel “Eat Your Words”. Get the entire first chapter of Isabel Chiara’s debut novel for free and journey  with Giana Giovanni, who traces her Italian farmland heritage to her New  England fast-food affliction in the book Eat Your Words, available in ebook  and hard-copy spring 2021. https://fromlimitedtolimitless.com/eatyourwordsbookexcer

Eat Your Words by Isabel Chiara

Wyrd & Wyld Publishing; March 29, 2021; 326 pages; 978-1735072654

About the Author: Isabel Chiara, creator of “The Life Actualization Process,” has been a guide, mentor, and leader throughout her entire life, studying and working in transformational energy modalities, serving others, whether through entrepreneurial work, culinary prowess, or her professional intuitive guidance. With dedication, Isabel activates unlimited potential and empowerment for her clients, helping them to ignite their full passion and align with their most authentic life path, masterfully supporting the liberation of constricting beliefs, definitions, and self-limitations. As a result, her clients are able to access a deeper wisdom and joy within their lives and experience a world of prosperity, miracles, and magic. Isabel spends her time exploring her backyards in Connecticut and New York City in addition to connecting to her deep roots in Italy. She can often be found traveling the globe, whether leading a retreat or on a personal pilgrimage. When at home, Isabel is busy with her career as the owner of multiple businesses.

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