Review: New Girl in Little Cove by Damhnait Monaghan

☆☆➹⁀☆ 4.5 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆

About the Book:

After the local French teacher scandalizes the fishing village of Little Cove, Newfoundland, by running off with a priest, the school looks to the mainland to fill the job quickly. They want someone who can uphold their Catholic values and keep a motley group of largely unwilling students in line. 

The position is filled by mainlander Rachel O’Brien—technically a Catholic (baptized!), technically a teacher (honors degree!)—who’s desperate to leave her current mess of a life behind. She isn’t surprised that her students don’t see the value of learning French. But she is surprised that she can barely understand their English… 

Is it a compliment or insult to be called a sleeveen? (Insult.) And the anonymous notes left on her car, telling her to go home, certainly don’t help to make her feel welcome. 

Still, she is quickly drawn into the island’s traditional music and culture, and into the personal lives of her crusty but softhearted landlady, Lucille, her reluctant students and her fellow teacher Doug Bishop. But when her beliefs clash with church and community, she makes a decision that throws her career into jeopardy. In trying to help a student, has she gone too far? 

My Thoughts:

I adored this small-town story! New Girl in Little Cove is set in the tiny village of Little Cove in Newfoundland; it is filled with the finest and quirkiest cast of characters. I grew to love them all—even stern Father Frank grew on me.

Rachel is an outsider and mainlander, and consequently she sets tongues wagging when she arrives in Little Cove. Coming from Toronto, she is not used to literally EVERYONE knowing all her business. From her landlady to her fellow teachers at the local Parochial school, each character is fun and funny and enriches Rachel’s life. It was a treat to get to learn some Newfoundland colloquialisms and get a flavor for the local culture. 

Rachel’s devotion to being a great teacher is inspired by her beloved, late father who also was an educator. Her enthusiasm is inspiring and her naivety gets her into hot water. Her moral compass does right be her in the end.

New Girl in Little Cove is a charming story that is perfect for readers who love to travel or to experience new cultures. There is an added treat of a slow-burn, sweet romance.

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About the Author: DAMHNAIT MONAGHAN was once a mainlander who taught in a small fishing village in Newfoundland. A former teacher and lawyer, Monaghan has almost sixty publication credits, including flash fiction, creative non-fiction, and short stories. Her short prose has won or placed in various writing competitions and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, Best Small Fictions, and Best Microfictions. New Girl in Little Cove placed in the top six from more than 350 entries in the 2019 International Caledonia Novel Award. 

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Author Website | Twitter: @Downith | Instagram: @Downith1 | Facebook: @AuthorDMonaghan

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