Review: The Other Passenger by Louise Candlish

☆☆➹⁀☆ 4 stars ➹⁀☆☆

About the Book:

On the morning of Monday 23rd December, Jamie Buckby takes the commuter riverboat from his home in St Mary’s, southeast London, to work in Central London, noting that his good friend and neighbour Kit Roper has not turned up for the 7.30am service they usually catch together.
At the London Eye, where he disembarks for his job in a café behind the South Bank Centre, Jamie is met by the police. Kit has been reported missing by his wife.
As Jamie is taken in for questioning, he discovers someone saw him arguing with Kit on the boat home late on Friday night. The other passenger believes Jamie committed murder.
But what really happened? 



My Thoughts:

The Other Passenger is a delicious page turner. The pace is uneven, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the obvious train wreck that was coming. There are plenty of twists to keep one reading.

Ms. Candlish’s writing is clever, and her character development is good. She artfully places red herrings and misinformation. The story is told solely by Jamie Buckby’s POV; I got a first-hand look at his downward spiral. The Other Passenger is told in dual timelines, toggling between present day and the start of the calendar year where Jamie and his longtime partner, Clare, meet the much younger Kit and Melia.

Each of the couple’s relationship as well as their relationship to the other couple is interesting to track. Money and social class are strong themes within the story, and both greatly influence all the characters attitude and behavior as well as coloring others’ perception of them. Dealing with the aftermath of his panic disorder, Jamie is highly susceptible to drama created in his own mind. Somewhat related, Jamie is in need of a major ego boost/acceptance that he does not feel he is getting from Clare, and consequently, he falls easily into Kit and Melia’s web. 

The tangle of the web grows and grows as the story reaches its zenith. I caught the gist of how the story would culminate, but didn’t anticipate the details of the journey. The Other Passenger is well worth the read.

About the Author: Before writing fiction, Louise Candlish studied English at University College London and worked as an illustrated book editor and advertising copywriter. 

She lives in a South London neighbourhood not unlike the one in her novels with her husband, teenage daughter, and a fox-red Labrador Bertie.

Follow her on Twitter at @louise_candlish, Instagram @louisecandlish, or

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