Review: Finding Grace by Janis Thomas

☆☆➹⁀☆ 4 stars☆➹⁀☆☆

About the Book:

Somebody’s coming

California: Twelve-year-old Melanie has been in foster care her whole life, moving from home to home—unloved and unwanted. And although she has found relative contentment with her current foster parents, Melanie harbors a secret that, if discovered, would blow her world apart. Someone talks to Melanie, a presence no one else can see or hear, and this presence has a message for her: something bad is about to happen.

New York: After years of battling with her troubled, unpredictable mother, Louise has managed to find peace in her solitary existence. 

Until the day Grace crashes back into her life and entreats Louise to help her save a child from imminent danger. Unwilling to get caught up in her mother’s madness, Louise resists. But she realizes the only way to be rid of Grace once and for all is to play along.

Louise and Grace set off across America in search of Melanie, driven by Grace’s firm belief that they have to get there before the bad thing happens. To do that, Louise must first come to understand and trust her mother. But after a lifetime of pain and dysfunction, can the two finally heal old wounds in order to save one young girl?



My Thoughts:

Finding Grace is a quick-paced suspenseful thriller. The story is told by the three main characters, Grace, Louise and Melanie. The chapters alternate between their points of view as well as toggle between different periods of time in their lives. That story layout works well especially with the development of the various characters.

The three, very different women’s lives intersect with one interesting trait that has created their problems but will be their ultimate saving. Author Janis Thomas accomplishes a lot in her story. She incorporates questions about mental health, issues of family dysfunctionality and the pitfalls of the foster care system. I enjoyed the lucidity of Grace’s narration juxtapose to her alleged mental illness.

Pick up Finding Grace to enjoy a well-written, fast-paced suspense, and be prepared to get so much more.

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