Review: Hotel California

☆☆➹⁀☆ 4.5 stars☆➹⁀☆☆

About the Book:

Eight deliciously talented mystery authors have lent their skills of crafting murder and suspense to this collection of gripping short stories. Each of these eight provocative tales is designed to entertain and mystify—and maybe even chill you to your core. Get lost in the wild imaginations of such New York Times bestselling writers as Andrew Child, Heather Graham, Reed Farrel Coleman, and John Gilstrap, plus authors Rick Bleiweiss, Jennifer Dornbush, Amanda Flower, and Don Bruns. From the titular tale “Hotel California” to a new, original Jack Reacher adventure, these stories have a little something for every mystery lover.

Go ahead. Check in, enjoy some room service, and stay until the very last tantalizing page. Just don’t forget to search the closet or behind the curtains. 



Guest Reviewer Frannie’s Thoughts:

If you like mysteries and twisted endings, you will love Hotel California, an anthology of new mystery short stories, by evilly talented mystery authors.  The writers include many New York Times and USA Today bestselling writers, all who have perfected the poison in their pens.  These eight authors will captivate you with amazing details, history, and diabolical character development.  Heather Graham, Andrew Child, John Gilstrap, Reed Farrel Coleman, Don Bruns, Amanda Flower, Jennifer Dornbush and Rick Bleiweiss are gifted storytellers.  Each in their own way, skillfully craft a gripping short story of suspense and murder.  As the alluring stories unfold, each author describes their characters in provocative language that keeps you guessing about who is bad and who is good.  Enticing words jump off the pages keeping you engaged with their unique, entertaining prose. 

The stories include drugs, a hit-man, gruesome corpses, dangerous drifters, psychic readers and peculiar people, all of whom are wrapped into tales of murder and suspense.  Each story offers hidden clues, so keep an eye out for the leads.  Also the pros intertwine cultural and religious innuendos from priests and missions to voodoo and the glitterati of Hollywood.  These tantalizing mysteries all mix convoluted stories with delightfully wicked twisted endings.  The authors bring in love, revenge, and the underworld.  Each story is an average of 30 pages and each story mesmerizes the reader.  A page turner to say the least, these thrillers have something for everyone.  

Don Bruns did an excellent job editing the stories.  If you love a good mystery, these stories are a must read.  

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