Review: Dark Harvest by Will Jordan

☆☆➹⁀☆ 3 stars☆➹⁀☆☆

About the Book:

For fans of World War Z, a mystery, an ancient threat, and a race against time to save humanity—inspired by the true events of the Dyatlov Pass.

Russia, 1959. Nine members of a Soviet mountaineering team on an ambitious expedition into the Ural Mountains are found dead, victims of massive and bizarre injuries. The Dyatlov Pass, as this grisly event came to be known, remains unexplained to this day.

Iraq, 2019. Ex-soldier-turned-mercenary Cameron Becker is escorting a Russian businessman named Luka Belikov through Baghdad. It seems like a routine job, until Belikov is abducted on Becker’s watch. After forming an uneasy alliance with Lori Dalton, Becker sets out to uncover the truth behind the attack, and quickly realizes he’s caught in the middle of something far bigger and more dangerous. As bio-terrorists prepare to unleash a virus that causes humans to descend into ravenous madness, the pair are thrust into a desperate race against time to prevent a global nightmare that could wipe out human civilization. 

Who is behind the attack? What do they want? And how can humanity hope to survive? Becker and Dalton’s answers may just lie deep within the wastes of the Ural Mountains …



Guest Reviewer Natalia’s Thoughts:

Dark Harvest is a dynamic read full of apocalyptic action! Although this novel was not at all my in my preferred genre, I enjoyed it for the quality writing. It was cinematic and well-written.

This book is definitely for action-thriller lovers– from shootouts in Iraq to intense combat in the snowy mountains of Russia, the action never seems to end.  I found the main character, Cameron Becker, solidly developed and engaging.

I felt this book has been written with a very current world-event narrative that included a WHO medic, a global plague and bio-terrorist created virus.  At another time, I might have found it a more thrilling with its fictional threat, but given recent events, I did not find the book to be very uplifting.

Overall an entertaining read, but not a good fit for this specific reader. I’m sure there are plenty of thrill-seeking readers who will love the book.

About the Author: After graduating high school Will Jordan moved on to university, gaining an Honors Degree in Information Technology. He lives in Scotland with his wife and two sons, and is currently writing the next novel in the Ryan Drake series. For more information on Will and the Ryan Drake series, go to

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