Review: Lethal Blues by R. Weir

☆☆➹⁀☆5 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆

About the Book:

Blue Pills flooding the streets of Denver
Fentanyl ruining lives; friends and loved ones dying from the synthetic opioid
A football star in search of answers to why one friend is dead and another missing
Dennis Gash reaching out to Jarvis Mann whose gumshoe days are in the past
The case drawing him out of retirement and into the fray he thought he had left behind
Jarvis rolling up his sleeves,

flexing his muscles, and strapping on his 9mm
Hunting for answers, digging deep into the depths of the Lethal Blues
Going up against dangerous drug dealers and gangsters
Who only care about their addictive merchandise and protecting their profit
Where death sits around the corner waiting to claim all who dare to challenge them
Jarvis ready to go mano a mano to protect his client from certain death!



My Thoughts:

The Mann is back…Jarvis Mann, P.I. that is! Author R. Weir has brought back is beloved detective Jarvis Mann in his latest novel, Lethal Blues. I was delighted that another favorite character returned for this book as well. Jarvis Mann retired from the detective business to open a pub. That felt like an authentic next move for the character. True to form, when his very first client walks in to his pub saying he needs help, Mann rolls up his sleeves and straps on his 9mm to start finding answers. 

In the very first Jarvis Mann book, Dennis Gash, a young adult at the time, hires Jarvis to find a valuable baseball card that has gone missing. Grown up and a professional football player, Dennis is again in need of Mann’s sleuthing talents. The two relentlessly hunt down the answers to a hit and run and a missing friend. Mr. Weir expertly gives new reads enough background on the returning characters to become invested in their story. The plot is action-packed and well-paced, making Lethal Blues and quick, fun read.

Lethal Blues is well written, and features great characters. Jarvis Mann is my favorite of the author’s characters and series. The essence of an old-school gumshoe story permeates the Jarvis Mann books. I highly recommend Lethal Blues. I’m confident that new-to-the-author readers will voraciously start reading the entire series after devouring this latest Jarvis Mann novel.

About the Author: Award-winning Author R Weir lives in the Mile-High City with his family, where the Rocky Mountain High isn’t always achieved with an herbal substance. When not glued to the computer, he relaxes by enjoying the outdoors and traveling in his motorhome. His writing delves into genres with gritty investigators exploring mystery, crime, suspense, and thrills, with involved plots and unexpected twists. Featuring former US Marshal Hunter Divine, a dire, determined man searching for salvation in his broken life. While private eye Jarvis Mann is tough and snarky, with as many faults as virtues. Characters exhibiting traces of his sense of humor, though he’s not nearly as tough and fearless. Though no evil stands a chance against his written word!

Be sure to visit R Weir’s author webpage ( for information about new releases, to sign-up for his newsletter and receive a free eBook. Also reach out on Facebook, Twitter, or via email; for he loves to hear and interact with readers.

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