About Me

After I completed my masters degree, I worked in the high tech industry for eleven years before I "retired" to raise a family.  
With my children grown and away at college, I needed something to fill my days.  I found my dream job at my local library.  
I worked  at the county public library for over three years, and I now get my book fix by reviewing books for 
blogs and participating on Indie author street teams.  I have been a contributing reviewer for four established blogs for the last three years.  I recently created my own blog: Book Junkie to give me greater freedom to review the books I choose and highlight authors I adore.  I am currently a beta reader for a four independent authors and I'm on street teams for 4 other authors.

Whether I love, like or hate a book, my reviews are honest!  I try 
to point out aspects that worked or didn't work for me regardless of the star-rating 
because what didn't work for me, might be someone else's next good read.

The ratings are as follows:
1 Star – Would not Recommend
2 Stars – Recommended Lightly; frequently means the story was okay, just not for me
3 Stars – Recommended, worth the read

A 3.5 rating is a strong, positive recommendation from me. It means I’m enjoyed reading the book  and think that others should as well.

4 Stars – Strongly recommended, really enjoyed reading the story. Something about the book stands out–the characters and plot–and I the story sticks with me.

5 Stars – Highly recommended–The the book, or some aspect of it, must really, really, make an impression on me.  If I give a book 5 stars, I’m likely to re-read it.

If you are interested in a review or you’re in in need of a beta reader, please send me a direct message at: https://www.facebook.com/BookJunkie9/
 Photo credit for my profile pic goes to SnarkFactory who sells these cool earrings on Etsy


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