Review: NYPD Red 7 by Marshall Karp

☆☆➹⁀☆ 5 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆

About the Book:

Finding a single assassin in a city of nine million is daunting.Finding five is a nightmare.Join the NYPD Red team in their most explosive case ever.

Lower Manhattan: A sniper’s bullet ends the life of a high-profile New Yorker. Five miles uptown, a second prominent victim has his throat slashed.And that’s only the beginning.

A network of professional assassins is on the loose in New York City. Trained by the US military, they’re on their own now, with a new unit called Kappa Omega Delta. Killers On Demand. NYPD Red detectives Kylie MacDonald and Zach Jordan are called in to hunt them down,

but these mercenaries are as gifted in the art of escape as they are in snuffing out lives. It’s the biggest professional challenge the Red team has ever faced, and before it’s over, both Kylie’s and Zach’s personal lives will change. Forever.



My Thoughts:

Wow, I’m stunned by how much I enjoyed this book! I went into this read with a ho-hum attitude because police procedurals are not my top reading genre and because it was book seven in a series. Author Marshall Karp has taken over writing The NYPD Red series which he was previously ghost writing with James Patterson, and he did a marvelous job of it. 

From “The jury has reached a verdict” to “I was next” I was hooked. I never felt that I was reading book seven of an established series because there was sufficient character development and backstory. Karp’s writing is crisp. The plot pace was perfect—never slowed by unnecessary detail. There were plenty of interesting twists and action. Karp got me with his reference to Jaws. He used his reference to perfectly set the tone for the book; it provided just the right amount of foreboding.

“We had our yellow barrel, and we were going to follow it…before it [the movie] ends the shark sinks Quint’s boat and eats him alive, but still, a lead is a lead.”

I especially enjoyed the character of Detective Kylie MacDonald. She is a no- nonsense officer with an engaging personality. The camaraderie between her and Detective Zach Jordan is great, and their witty banter is enjoyable. In addition to the case she is working on, she is following another case that involves the shooting of her boyfriend. Since it is not the case featured in the title, we readers don’t get as much information about that case, but it is an interesting secondary story nonetheless. 

Good writing, a solid plot, and a fun (but improbable) premise made NYPD Red 7 an easy read. A good read for anyone who loves suspense, intrigue and action.

About the Author: MARSHALL KARP co-created and co-authored the first six books in the #1 bestselling NYPD Red series with James Patterson. Starting with NYPD Red 7, Marshall will become the sole author of the series, which features Detectives Kylie MacDonald and Zach Jordan as members of an elite task force dedicated to solving crimes committed against — and sometimes by — New York City’s rich and famous.

He is also the author of the critically acclaimed Lomax and Biggs Mysteries featuring LAPD Detectives Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs, who work homicide out of the Hollywood Division.

After a successful career in advertising, Marshall’s first mid-life crisis transported him from New York to LA, where he wrote and produced numerous TV sitcoms and a feature film, Just Looking, a coming-of-age comedy loosely based on his own embarrassing teenage years. It was during his time in Hollywood that Marshall met many of the people he kills off in his novels — a cathartic yet perfectly legal way for a writer to exorcise his demons.

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